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Management Services

Services Provided
Do you have a rental property that you don’t have time for or that you’re just tired of dealing with? Are you moving from the area and would like to rent out your home but would like someone to take care of the property for you? We at Chestatee Property Management specialize in dealing with the properties and the tenants for you. We currently manage over 500 properties in the Dahlonega area. We are the only office in town that have full time dedicated office personal that do nothing but rental properties. Here is a list of the services we provide:
  • Assess the property for the amount of rent we feel the property will bring.
  • Make recommendations of any improvements that might make the property easier to rent and/or increase the rental value.
  • Take pictures of the property both inside and out to give prospective tenants a good idea of the property condition
  • Place the property description and pictures on our web site as well as at least two other web sites with nationwide exposure.
  • Run a simple ad in the local newspaper.
  • Show the house to prospective tenants
  • Take in and process all applications. We  Screen the prospective tenants including checking with their references and running a 3 service  credit check which includes a criminal background check.
  • We will type up the lease and get parental guarantees  when needed. Owners can add special stipulations to the lease if needed
  • Conduct a walk through at move in and move out so that repair of any damage or unusual wear and tear to the premises can be deducted from the security deposit.
  • Collect rents./should rent not get paid we contact the tenant for follow up to get it paid.
  • If needed we will file for evictions and manage that process through the court system and also attend the mediation required by the court on your behalf.
  • We will take all calls for any repairs that need to be done. We have a network of vendors that we work with to provide repairs quickly and competently at a competitive cost to the owner. Services are paid for by CPM upon completion and deducted from the next rent payment to take away the burden of payment from the owner.
  • Repairs costing under $250 are handled immediately and copies of the invoices provided to the owners as quickly as possible for your reference.  If costly repairs are necessary, we contact the owner and provide as much information as possible about the repairs needing to be done and the estimated cost.


  • Every month the owner will get a owners statement  showing income and expense
  • By Jan 30th of each year the owner will also receive a 1099 as required by law.


  • The first tenant we put int the house there is a procurement fee of 50% of the first months rent.
  • Every month there after the monthly fee is 10% as long as there a tenant in the house.
  • Upon changing tenants there is a $250 fee
  • There is no fee when the house is vacant
  • There are no surcharges added to any repairs.


  • We can pay owners by two ways. The preferred way and the quickest is to do a direct deposit into your account. The other way is to mail it to you.


  • All of our properties  require a deposit equal to the amount of rent being paid, this deposit is held by us and refundable upon move out as long as the house is returned in good condition.
  • We also collect a Non-Refundable deposit of $300 for pets should the property allow pets.

If you have any questions about the services we provide to our property owners, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 706 867-0196 or Agent Tony Nunley’s cell phone 706 344-2090. We’ll take the headache out of owning rental property.